Monday, 18 June 2007

Having a Heat Wave

Hey, if you want to see one brave lady, go visit Pixie's blog. Pixie, I'm just getting to know you, but I respect the hell out of you already.

I'm debating with myself whether to go on HRT or not. I know there are lots of pros and cons. And I know people who swear by one way or the other. My symptoms are night sweats and hot flushes. Plus my brain seems to have gone on holiday. I really need to go see my GP, but I hesitate because he's a guy and what do guys know?

See, there's always somebody who knows somebody who got cancer after going on HRT. Or someone who knows someone who didn't take HRT and now has osteoporosis. It's like the MMR vaccine. Somebody knows somebody whose child became autistic after the MMR. But I was not immune to Rubella during my second pregnancy and what would have happened to my son if I'd been exposed during the pregnancy. The more complicated and advanced medical science is, the more complicated our choices for our bodies are. And where do we find professional, neutral advice? My impression of doctors is that they want to shove pills down our throats for everything. There are times when that is appropriate, but there are times when that is lazy. That is why when I was in the depths of depression earlier this year I didn't go see my GP. I was afraid he'd just diagnose anti-depressives, and I got myself out of it anyway on my own.

So I don't know about HRT because I don't know my chances of getting osteoporosis or cancer. My mother doesn't appear to have osteoporosis, but my grandmother, I am sure, did have it. I'm built more like my grandmother than my mother, but I do a lot of weight-bearing exercise. And I take calcium. What about the cancer? I took birth control pills for about 10 years. I have no immediate relative who has had cancer. I had my first child when I was 34. I breastfed both for about six months each. I eat healthily and don't smoke. I do drink but not during the week usually.

I am very tired because I wake up EVERY night with the night sweats. The hot flushes are a bit amusing because I've always been so cold-blooded. Now I alternate between really, really hot and cold. I'm rarely comfortable. My daughter would tell you I have mood swings. Unfortunately, that's nothing new for me, and I blame it on the tiredness. I actually think I'm better now that I don't get PMS every month.

I just don't know what to do. Does anyone out there have any ideas?


marymaryquitecontrary said...

If your doctor just wants to stick tablets down your throat it is time you found a new one. Two of my children are Doctors and I would say that after years of study and lots of experience they would both know a lot about the menopause. See a good doctor. Just saying what I am thinking.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Thank you marymary. I'm assuming that's what the GP will do, but maybe he'll surprise me.

Pixie said...

I did try and leave you a comment to say thank you for the mention amongst other things. Did you get it, or it there something wrong with my computer? let me know if you have time so i can sort it out. Thanks.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Pixie, this is the only comment I've had from you. But maybe it isn't your computer because when I signed in, my blog was in Spanish!

DJ Kirkby said...

Seems to me that your options (indeed all of our options) are: 1) to weather out the menopause symptoms, keep up the high impact exercise and take a good easily absorbed calcium supplement
2) take HRT and do very thourough breast examinations (which we should all be doing anyway)

Prada Pixie is def a brave woman and I find her strength inspiring

Pixie said...

WOW what ia tribute from you dj .i'm overwhelmed and it's not my site.

I suggested in my first message the you could try black coheesh, not sure if that's how you spell it. get it from health store anyway and the'll know.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Thanks for the tip, Pixie. I'll try it.

The thinker said...

Hello there - I found this blog via various links - looks interesting. Will be back later for a good read but meanwhile - DONT take HRT. I took it for 6 years and it is great for hot flushes, sleep deprivation and the resultant depression. BUT [you will note it is a BIG BUT] you just go through all the same symptoms when you evenutally have to drop the HRT. MY female GP persuaded me to try it and its wonderful - but wasn't until my mind started working again did I find out that would have to go through all the symptoms anyway at some point!

The thinker said...

PS - me again - sucking ice cubes helps with hot flashes, which I still get and so does my 85 year old aunt - so doubt you'll wanna stay on HRT that long. Holland & Barrett and other helath stores are very helpful on natural remedies. All the best. x

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Welcome thinker and thank you for the tips. Yes, that is a consideration about having to go through it all over again. An acquaintance of mine who has already been through it went on HRT, came off it, went back on it for those very reasons.