Thursday, 15 March 2007

Well, it's one of those days.
I started off at the dr.'s for the dreaded s-test, was told by the nurse that my estrogen levels are "tumbling," i.e., menopause is on its way. The estate agent rang up and said a couple who were interested in the house will only put their house up for sale if we agree to drop the sale price of ours £70,000!!!! Don't think so. I think Hubby will agree this weekend to take it off the market. Hooray!!! I didn't want to move down south anyway and neither did the kids. I gave up everything 15 years ago to move to this country and it took me 10 years to get used to where I am. I have friends and a life here.
I'm waiting to hear from some of those "friends" (as opposed to real friends) about a lunch organised for tomorrow that I suspect I've been uninvited to. Did they hear about my tumbling estrogen levels? I really would love to just have a "right paddy" and "throw my toys out of the pram" as they say here in merry olde England. But I can't because my estrogen levels might tumble even further.
I went to the gym for my khai bo class, which is excellent for getting rid of built-up aggression and hormones. But I felt a bit stiff in my back and couldn't punch and kick as hard as I'd like. Also, I always think the instructor is looking at me like I'm some sort of uncoordinated menopausal geek. At least I'm not like the middle-aged men in the class. I stay away from them because when you stand next to them you get showered in their sweat. Disgusting!!! One of them always wears the same T-shirt. Does it ever get washed? Doesn't look or smell like it. Also, his shorts tend to slither down, revealing a very hairy crack. Yuuuuukkkkkk!!!! There's another guy who does spin sometimes who is very large and very sweaty. There are always puddles around the bike when he leaves. I call him Squidgy. Why do men sweat so much more than women? I can do the same amount of exercise as some of the men, and while I'm not exactly pristine, I don't look like I've been in the pool.
I had a coffee with my friend Lesley, who is so strong and stalwart despite all that goes on in her life. If I had a magic wand, I would wave it and make everything perfect for her. But all I can offer is my attention and time.

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