Thursday, 29 March 2007

Well, isn't that blogtastic

I just read that apparently the blog craze has peaked and lots of people will now be dropping their blogs, if they haven't already. That incredibly intelligent Lindsey Lohan was cited as an example. So was the breathtakingly brilliant Melanie Griffith. Well, if Lindsey and Mel say it's over, it must be, right? Typical of me to hop on the bandwagon just as the band is putting its instruments away.

I've just started this blog this month (I'm probably the only one who reads it, but that's OK). It's opened my eyes to a huge new world out there, to people's lives and interests. And now people apparently are moving on to the next big thing -- YouTube and MySpace and whatever else.

Oh well. I'll hang in there for a while. It takes time to keep a blog going, and not many people have that much time.

Some random thoughts: I'm not sure which Democratic candidate to support. There's a nastiness about Hilary Clinton's campaign that bothers me. Why is she going after Obama Barack so viciously? Better to just let time take its toll. His inexperience would probably show him up eventually. And John What'sHisName -- well, that says a lot, doesn't it. As for the Republicans, could there be two nastier individuals than McCain and Guliani? Especially Guliani, whose reputation pre 9/11 was 180 degrees opposite to post 9/11.

One of my well-meaning British friends sent me an email that purports to be a letter from John Cleese to America. An extremely condescending piece of trash . So I wrote one back suggesting the IRS would be interested in him as well as Immigration.

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