Friday, 9 March 2007

They're All Animals

I wonder how politicians wake up and look at themselves every day. How can they sleep at night? Like Dick Cheney for instance. The USA veep shouldn't even be alive. He's had four heart attacks, DVTs. But I'm not sure it's blood that flows through his veins. He's got his talking puppet, Dubya, to keep going on about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when clearly there were none. I thought Ronald Reagan was the only living brain donor. Now that he's dead, Dubya has taken on that mantle. You look into the guy's eyes and there's just nothing there. No sign of intelligent life at all.

The U.S. isn't the only country with scary politicians. Here in GB there are plenty. Now here's something that has never made sense to me. If a politician gets caught with his (and it usually is a man) pants down -- figuratively or literally -- it's like he's committed the greatest sin ever. But sending young men and women off to fight in a war started for bogus reasons is OK; it's patriotic. The American public certainly have been hoodwinked by Dubya and his lot. The British, thanks to a more skeptical press, have been less likely to believe Blair. Maybe it's his Cheshire Cat grin. Or his money-hungry wife.

The Iraq War sadly has made me feel almost ashamed of my mother country. But maybe things will change now. Although I don't think Hillary Clinton is the answer. She voted for the war, after all. Also, there's just something about her that's not right. Like when Bill was running the first time and there was criticism about her being a working mother. Next thing you know, she got herself plastered all over the "women's" magazines baking cookies. She's not true to herself and shows a real lack of respect for mothers who go out to work and those who stay home.

That's my soapbox for today. Stay tuned for the Miracle of Menopause.

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