Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Well, I lost 2 pounds in my first week back at Weight Watchers. Not bad considering all the stuff I ate that didn't go down on my tracker sheet. How do you put down 5 crisps or 12 jelly beans? That's free food as far as I'm concerned. And a glass of wine is only finished when my husband stops filling it up. I never lose dramatic amounts in the first week anyway. It's always slow and very painstaking work to take the weight off.

I also ran 5K yesterday on the treadmill. Getting in shape for the Race for Life in June. I've got lots of friends and my daughter signed up to do it as well. Of course, I woke up today feeling like death and could barely get out of bed. But I know I can run the 5K the whole way, just not very fast. I'm very proud that I got one of my more inactive friends to do it. I'm working with her, starting with walking, then walking/running. On Saturday we did our first walk/run. She held up very well considering she doesn't do much. But she used to do a lot of sport when she was younger and I think that stays with you. I'm the opposite. I used to be very inactive in my youth and now am quite active. No matter how much I do, I always feel like I'm not as fit as others who don't do much at all. Like when we went skiing in February. I did lots of squats beforehand to try to build up my thighs, but my friend, who's so lazy she's not even doing the Race for Life, skiied loads better and didn't seem to suffer nearly as much as me. She never lifts a finger if she can help it. Her husband does most everything round the house. My husband is hardly even here so I have to do everything. Not fair.

I wonder how I'll get on over the Easter holidays. We're going to Barcelona next week, come back for Easter, then the kids go to the grandparents, and I'm going to London with Hubby for a few days. I didn't really want to go, but he had this really sad expression on his face so I thought I'd better go to keep the marital peace. I just don't like his flat. It's so bland and boring. I'll have to do a lot of shopping or something to keep me occupied. I'll have to try hard to stick to Weight Watchers while I'm away. It won't be easy, especially in Barcelona.

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