Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oooh, I'm So Tired

Sometimes, and this is one of them, I am so tired I can't see straight. I went to sleep last night around 1, woke up at 4:30 when I heard one of the cats meowing to be let in, went downstairs thinking it was about 7, and discovered Son and his friends up playing on the Playstation. I thought they'd gone to bed and got up early. Silly me.

FEX and I have been getting along of late. And then he was on his phone tonight with door shut. That usually means he's on the phone trashing me. I didn't hear anything specific but I also didn't try that hard to hear. Just as I made a conscious decision to stop going through FEX's rubbish and other stuff, so I've decided not to try to hear anything he says anymore. It's counterproductive and ego-destroying. And I need all the ego I can get. I'm still looking for other jobs so I need to keep my confidence up.

One of those jobs is with the BBC. They're moving some of their operations up north and I thought I might as well send a CV. Well, I must have put some of the right keywords on because I got an email saying they liked my CV and would I now take an assessment exam? This consisted of watching a bunch of videos about office-related dilemmas and what I thought would be the most effective and lease effective solutions. Then there was a reading comprehension part. Then the psychological profile, which I worry that I messed up on. So I'll probably never hear from them again,but it was an interesting exercise. I felt pretty tired after it.

Yes, I have the other job, but it's only filling in for people who are ill or on holiday. I need something a bit more steady than that. I'm going to have to stop. I'm so tired I can't even see the keyboard.


Henry the Leaphound said...

Hey Wake Up, Sorry I've not been around lately. Glad to hear you're moving on and got a job,looking for more work anf generally starting to look up.You can do this and life will be fine, it's ust exhausting getting there. It's really great that you're no longer so interested in what FEX says about you - I have a motto 'I care nothing about what people say about me as long as I don't hear it' it's a good line to live by. x

Fire Byrd said...

Hope you got some sleep last night and are feeling brighter today.
If all else fails today hit the shade in the garden and stay there snoozing/ reading/ thinking and getting the occasional cool drink!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Just getting your CV looked at and being called for an interview these days is a great achievement. You can't screw up on a psychological test - they are just trying to assess if you fit the culture and the mix of personality types they already have. Sounds like you did good on the rest too.

Give yourself a big pat on the back for everything you are doing - it is great progress in difficult circumstances.

Anonymous said...