Friday, 28 March 2008

More on Jake

Jake is unusually quiet today. It could be something to do with the two visits to the vet yesterday. The first was necessitated by Jake deciding to dismantle his cone and remove his stitches himself. Since they were due out today anyway, it was no harm done.

He loves the vet, who spoils him rotten with lots of treats. He loves the vet so much he didn't want to go home. No, he wouldn't walk up the ridulously expensive ramp I bought when I learned he had hip dysplasia. No, he wouldn't go near the car, but edged back towards the surgery door and lay down. A man and his daughter came out to help me. The man offered to lift Jake in, but I am a bit wary of Jake with men at the moment. On Monday he bit hubby's hand. He saw a boy playing football during a walk and wanted to join in. Hubby wanted to take him home. I wasn't there, but I believe there was a bit of a standoff, then a bit of a biteoff. When he got home, Jake tried to go for me as I was adjusting his collar. I let him know in no uncertain terms that that was unacceptable behaviour and he could forget about growling at me. He was very contrite after that, as if to say, "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

Anyway, back to yesterday, I managed to lift him into the car (no small feat because I now have rotator cuff impingement syndrome). When we got home, he wouldn't go inside so I took him for a walk (which is what he wanted all along anyway). As usual, he set off at a brisk pace, tail wagging, head bobbing, cone dragging. His friend Meg, another border collie, wasn't hanging over the wall of her garden as she does at times. So we walked over the railway tracks and along the path at the back. Everything was fine and dandy till another dog off the lead came running at Jake. His tail wasn't wagging and I wasn't sure he'd be friendly. Jake is still tender where the surgery was. I tried to steer Jake away but the other dog kept following and sniffing at his wound. I called to the owner to please come get her dog. I wasn't sure if Jake would take offense and go for the other dog or not. And my experience of dogs off leads coming up to dogs on leads isn't good. Anyway, the owner eventually showed up and called her dog away.

We continued till Jake was ready to turn around. He stopped several times to rest. I am used to this now and just wait till he's ready to go again. When we got to the railway tracks, he decided to sit down again. I don't like to stop on railway tracks so I pulled him till he got up to walk again. Back past Meg's, who still wasn't out, then on home. When he got inside, I noticed blood on the floor. A quick check (because he growled) revealed the blood was coming from one of Jake's front paws. I phoned the vet, who suggested coming down again in an hour. So I lifted him back into the car, drove to the vet's, then Jake ate several biscuits while the vet examined his paw. He's scraped one of the pads.

Back home. Jake refused to go inside so we went for another walk. No limping of any sort. Just the usual rest stops on the way home.

But this morning he is unusually subdued. Normally, he'd be walking up to his lead, letting me know it was time for a walk. But he is ensconced on his bed, resting. Perhaps the paw is hurting quite a bit now. I'll let him rest. When he's ready, he'll let me know.

The good news is the cone comes off tomorrow. The vet asked why I didn't get one of the Bitenot collars (as recommended by Laurie). I had looked them up on the internet and didn't think they'd be available over here as all the distributors appear to be in the U.S. But our vet has them, and I will order one for the next hip operation.

I feel like a new, inexperienced mother who calls the doctor every time her baby is off her food. Our vet is a lovely man who doesn't charge me half the time I go in (yesterday's two visits only cost £8). I just hope my baby feels better soon.


ChrisB said...

I wish the vet I use was as kind as yours when it comes to settling fees!!

laurie said...

he will feel better soon. i guarantee it.

these vet visits and aches and pains take a lot out of them for a day or two.

we have an extremely nice vet, too, but neither dog cares to go. i can't imagine a situation where they wouldn't want to leave!

good luck with Jake.

Kaycie said...

I'm sure Jake will be better soon. Sounds like a nice vet you have.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have a good vet like that. I hope Jake will be okay. Probably feel more himself when the cone is off. Poor thing.

Crystal xx

Expatmum said...

Ah bless. I don't know whether you've had major surgery, but it takes a lot longer than one would think to feel better. (Two c-sections.) Hope he mends soon, and mind that rotator cuff. I'm dealing with physio therapy right now for the same thing. A real pain.

DogLover said...

Best wishes for Jake's recovery.

I also looked up the BiteNot and thought it was probably only available in the US and not here in the UK. I printed off the details for my vet, though I haven't been there yet. Maybe she already knows about it.

But I'll go anyway - she's gorgeous, even if she does charge me the earth!

Mean Mom said...

I'm sorry that Jake is not quite himself, at the moment, but I understand why. It must be a bit of an unsettling and baffling time for him. I'm glad that you have a good vet, though. The profession seems to attract nice people, on the whole. Not necessarily true, when it comes to doctors and consultants involved in human medecine, in my experience!

Flowerpot said...

I'm sorry you're having such a bad time with Jake but it sounds as if you've gto an amazing vet and I'm sure Jake will start feeilng better very soon.

Career Guy said...

We had to put down our Kodiak (Great Dane/Lab) a few days after Christmas. We miss him every day, but I like reading about other peoples' dogs. Sounds like you captured Jake's moods quite precisely.

Kelly said...

Me too! Poor Jake. And poor Wakeup!

marymaryquitecontrary said...

I hope Jake was better over the weekend.