Saturday, 8 December 2007

Grey Skies are Gonna Clear Up

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who commented in the previous post or has ever commented on my blog. Your comments mean so much to me, and help me get through the hard times.

Now, let me update you.

First of all, the skiing: the guy from the company phoned me yesterday morning to reassure me that yes, they have the cheque, and we are all square. An American friend is meeting us there and she's been in touch with the guy. For some reason, I'm not getting any emails from him. But all is well. Whew!!!!!

Secondly, Friend No. 2: After spending a restless night in which I cried, raged, thought about what I was going to say or write, I decided not to say, write, or do anything. Friend No. 2 is just like that, and nothing I do will change it. Our lives are too entwined for me to dump her, as hubby suggested I do. I decided that I'd far rather spend New Year's Eve with the people who matter the most to me -- my hubby and kids -- at home than in the house of someone who doesn't really want me there with people I hardly know. So I'm going to buy some very nice champagne, cook a very nice meal, get the chimney swept so we can have a roaring fire, and play board games with hubby and kids. Sounds ideal. And the rest of them can go fuck themselves.

Last night we went to a black tie dinner dance. I got a spray tan so I don't look like death. I went to my wonderful hairdresser yesterday and told him my tale of woe. He said, "Right, we are going to make you look fantastic." And he did. He curled my usually straight hair into a Charlie's Angels hair style. Farah Fawcett, eat your heart out. Friend no. 2 and that other frenemy were there. I told my hairdresser I don't get mad, I get even. So I walked in like I owned the place and pretended I was not the least bit bothered. I boogied (but didn't drink too much because I'm still suffering from drinking too much last week with my Frenemy). Hubby did drink too much and did his trick of falling asleep. But not before he told everyone how lucky he is to be married to me. The husbands of Friend No. 2 and the other frenemy weren't even there.

Back to my hairdresser. I've gone to him for 10 years. We always have a good laugh, but we had an even better one yesterday. He recently decided to open his own salon, but is suffering financially at the moment so he's put his house up for sale. But despite his worries, he is such good company. We had each other in tears of laughter with the voices we do for our animals. He has three cats, including a real bruiser named Jake. I, of course, have two cats and Jake the puppy (who's getting huge, by the way). His Jake is a big hunter who delights in leaving "presents" all over the house but especially in the bed. And his Jake would live off takeaways if he could. My Pearl, the Maine Coon, loves broccoli, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, peas, etc. She and my Jake have bonded over food.

I left the salon in much better spirits than when I arrived. Amazing how one person can make a difference. Laughter: the best medicine there is.


laurie said...

hooray! good for you. frenemies just aren't worth suffering over.

party sounds great, and i bet you looked even more terrific than you say you do.

and frankly your new year's eve sounds pretty wonderful, too.

you're doing the right thing: surrounding yourself with love.

Kaycie said...

Glad to hear all the positive things. You are doing just the right thing. If you live like you're happy, the odd thing is, pretty soon you are.

Flowerpot said...

I quite agree - without a sense of humour life would be hell. Yuor hairdresser sounds brilliant value for money!

DJ Kirkby said...

Good for you! Go girl!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Your New Year's Eve sounds absolutely perfect to me. That's what I do every year - by total choice.

Living really IS the best revenge.