Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Oh the agony, but it's done

This has been a very hard post to write. It's taken me days. I was tagged by -ann to write these 8 things.

8 things I'm passionate about
1. Reading -- something I must do every day, even if it's just the newspaper
2. My family (my kids and husband)
3. My animals
4. Exercise -- I need some form of it just about every day or I'm not fit to be near.
5. Golf--I'm turning into an old fuddy duddy. After the British Open last year, which was held just across the street from us, I really got into it and now take lessons.
6. Learning something new. I'm a scholar at heart, I think, and enjoy learning for the sake of learning.
7. Singing, even if I do sound bad.
8. Blogging. I wasn't going to put this in because I think it shows just how sad I really am. But it has become a real passion for me and I have to be honest.

8 things to do before I die
1. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
2. Revisit Rome (I was unwell the first time and stayed in the hotel mostly)
3. Compete in a triathlon (of course I'm not in shape, but I can dream)
4. Write a best-seller
5. Get to know my (hopefully) future grandchildren
6. Get over my fear of skiing black runs
7. Start and run a successful magazine
8. Travel around the world

8 things I say often
1. Good morning, Jakie Sunshine, how are you today? (actually I sing that)
2. Time to get up, kids.
3. Have you brushed your teeth?
4. Are you sure?
5. Do you have any homework?
6. Are you sure?
7. What has your dad done with (whatever)?
8. Time for bed.

8 books I've read recently
1. Until I Find You by John Irving
2. Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
3. Killing Custer: The Battle of Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians by James Welch and Paul Stekler
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
5. Falling Man by Don DeLillo
6. Tryptych by Karin Slaughter
7. Tokyo by Mo Hayder
8. Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor

8 songs I could listen to over and over
1. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (reminds me of dogs)
2. Layla by Eric Clapton
3. With or Without You by U2
4. My Baby by Nina Simone
5. Sweetest Goodbye by Maroon 5
6. R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin
7. Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt
8. Sweet Melissa by the Allman Brothers
Shows my age, doesn't it.

8 qualities I look for in a best friend
1. Sense of humour (or humor). You may not know it from my posts, but I love to laugh.
2. Loyalty.
3. Honesty.
4. An open mind and heart.
5. A willingness to party. Not in the same way I did when I was younger, but still with some get-up-and-go.
6. A willingness to listen
7. The ability to be quiet sometimes
8. And the wisdom to know when to listen and when to talk

8 people I'm passing this on to
1. Pixie
2. Vi
3. Kelly
4. DJ Kirby
5. Annie
6. Lady M
7. Debio
8. Darth Sardonicus


Anonymous said...

Great blog, worth the agony I'm sure!

Crystal xx

Flowerpot said...

I'm not surprised it took you ages to write that - there's alot of information there! but fascinating reading, thanks.

-Ann said...

Well done! I hope it wasn't too painful. I'd forgotten exercise as one of the things I'm passionate about. And running.

What did you think of Falling Man? I've heard a lot about it but I'm unsure if I'd be able to read it.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

CJ: Why don't you try it too? I'd be interested to know 8 things you're passionate about.

flowerpot: Glad you liked it. Same as I said for CJ: why don't you do it too?

-ann: I've never been a big DeLillo fan, and I was worried I'd find Falling Man too emotional to read. It wasn't. I recommend it.

Kaycie said...

Very cool list. Ann tagged me, too, but I had to blog about Maddy first, so I am still working on mine.

I love these. It's fun finding out random things about each other.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Oh it's going to be hard for me to do the book thing, I hardly read!

Pixie said...

I've been asked by Queen Vixen to let you know that she won't be blogging for a a while and if you want to contact her please email.

I'll be delighted to this meme, I think but it will have to be next week now.... Going to Liverpool you know!!!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

kaycie: It's harder than it looks.

VI: what about 8 favourite films or foods?

Pixie: Thanks for the message. I'm sure all will be revealed when we meet up tomorrow.

laurie said...

ok, i am reading very quickly and misread this line:

6. Get over my fear of skiing black runs

i thought it said:

6. Get over my fear of black skiing nuns.

Kelly said...

Ooo- I love it! I will take up your challenge, though it may take a while....

Anonymous said...

Wakeup - I might just do that. Haven't done a blog like this for a while. Will have a think and get some down!

Crystal xx

lady macleod said...

I like your list, but you are going to be really busy with that 'do before you die list'!

We have some agreement on the reading and listening list.

Me? All right, but only for you.

debio said...

Oh I feel so bad cos I've still got to write 'why I started blogging' - the assignment you gave me at least ten days ago.....

And yours is so interesting.

I shall have a busy week!

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for tagging me but I've been tagged by someone else for the same thing and posted it up today. Come have a read, I wish I'd put Layla up as one of my faves, but I ran out of numbers!

Queeny said...

Golf? Ugh! My hubs is a golf-natic and it causes me much agony -- the time, the cost, the golf buddies. I rue the day he took up the sport.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

laurie: what a funny image! I'll be looking out for them next time I go skiing.

kelly: take your time. How are you feeling?

CJ: I look forward to reading it.

Lady M: I know you're busy what with just getting back, but thank you.

Debio: My list is interesting? But you live in Dubai. Surely that counts as much more interesting.

DJ: I'll do that.

Queeny: I took it up so I'll have something to do with my husband when he has more time on his hands. That sounds weird. Actually, my daughter was taking the lessons with me, and it was going to be a family activity as my son already is a good golfer. I used to be very anti-golf, but I can see the beauty in the game now.