Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Tuesday Twins Again

I knew X Factor contestant Rhydian Roberts reminded me of someone. That's right -- it's Gunther from Friends.

On a more serious note -- or not -- laurie has memed (spelling?) me to write about how and why I created a blog. According to laurie, this is an ancient meme she has called the "What color is my sky?" meme. I tell you a little bit about myself, which I do anyway, how I came to blog, and why I blog.

My sky is sometimes blue, sometimes gray (and you'll notice the spelling changes from Anglo to American a lot), depending on my mood.

I didn't exactly know what a blog was for a long time. I'd sort of read about them, but having only started this one in March of this year, I'd say I'm pretty late on the band wagon. I started this one after reading about wifeinthenorth. I was messing around on the computer one day and found blogspot. I started to read blogs randomly. Have you ever done that? It really opens your eyes to the world. I found blogs in Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Japanese. I found porn -- lots of it -- which I hasten to add I'm not interested in. I found a journal of a homocidal lesbian (I think that one is fiction). I found photos taken by a woman who went to my university. Cat videos. You name it, I found it.

I'd missed writing since I'd given up my journalism career 15 years ago. I also felt a need to write because I'd been going through a tough time in my marriage and life. I wasn't looking for an audience, just an outlet. That's why I have such an unwieldy ID. I didn't really think it through. I didn't imagine myself commenting on other blogs or others visiting mine. Along the way I've written about my depression, my boring life, my trip to Barcelona with the family in April and then to London with my husband. I wrote a tribute to David Halberstam after he died. I wrote about Madeleine McCann (before a lot of others, I might add). I also wrote some about hubby, daughter, son, the rest of my wacky family (though not all), my 30th high school reunion, last summer's crisis with my mother, getting a puppy. I didn't tell my husband about this blog, and still haven't. But I'm getting there. I wanted to feel free to write whatever I want to write. Being anonymous helped, I think.

Along the way, something unexpected happened. I made friends, or blums as enidd calls them, to the point where I miss you guys if I don't check in every day (which seems a bit compulsive and probably is). I've revealed a lot of myself here that I don't normally do in real life. And yet most of you don't know my real name or where exactly I live. Because I write about my family, I feel it's unfair to reveal myself or them to all and sundry. I have emailed some of you so you know I'm a real person with a real name. Laurie and I have even worked with the same guy, though not at the same time.

All this blogging has made me realise that we are living in the Age of Communication. Technology has enabled us to communicate instantly at any time of day. Judging from the number of mobile (cell) phones and blogs out there, I'd say there is a great need to communicate. Yet I don't think we humans are any better at communicating. The frequency has increased but not the quality ("I'm on the train.") Look at all the 24-hour news programs on TV -- not all quality journalism there.

Blogging, for me, has become another way of connecting with others in this world, of breaking out of my solitary cocoon that I created, of finding and giving support. I don't write about everything that goes on in my life. Not enough time or interest. And I don't have the following that many blogs do, but that's OK. I'm not out to write the most popular blog. I just want to reach out to fellow human beings and make a connection.

And I think I've done that.

Now who should I pass this meme onto? How about Debio, Kelly, and Pixie?


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Great post. It's interesting to me that no matter why so many of us got into blogging we stay for the people. I never thought that would be the case, but it sure is.

Your life sounds pretty exciting in print. At least to me!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

RC: My life is so NOT exciting. I don't work. I'm a stay-at-home mom with two kids and a husband who works away most of the week. But if you think it's exciting, thank you very much. I get so much more reassurance and validation from my blog pals, perhaps because I'm more open with them.

laurie said...

i loved this! and i thought exactly the same thing as RC. (not surprising, since we seem to be sort of eerily twin-like.)

going to barcelona, and london, and reading journals of homicidal lesbians.....

i, too, read some blogs randomly through blogger. but i found most of the early blogs i read through a website that lists irish blogs. i find i'm pretty interested in reading about expatriates (such as yourself, Ms. Coffee!), since i've never had the courage to move more than four feet from where i first landed.

Kelly said...

That was tougher than I thought. Great question though...and fascinating to read your response!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

laurie: I'm fascinated by YOUR life. Your trip to Russia, your book, your dogs, your family, everything. Not that I'm a cyber stalker. But I think blogs are wonderful for those of us who are interested in and curious about our fellow human beings.

kelly: Opening yourself up to others is difficult, but then again not. Blogging is so personal yet so anonymous at the same time. Tis a paradox.

Pixie said...

I realy enjoyed reading this, even though i'm very privledged to have actually met you and know some of this already... and you are seriously fab.

I will do this meme, later in the week as had a need to write what I've done tonight.

So thank you so much for tagging me.

Anonymous said...

Technology indeed. I have just spent four hours shouting at my broadband connection because it keeps falling asleep. I really wanted to blog, read blogs, browse blogs and all the while that stupid little light was flashing away, laughing silently while I panicked about how I would communicate!

Crystal xx

debio said...

I always find it interesting why people started blogging, and what they get from it.

Thank you for your nomination - all will be revealed shortly. My reasons not hugely rivetting but it works for me.....

Flowerpot said...

good for you, wakeup. Having only recently discovred you I'm sorry you have been having such a tough time. Fascinating post though. And I'm even later getting started than you - I didnt write my first post till May!

Swearing Mother said...

Great MEME Wakeup: We arrived in blogland for much the same reason, and carry on for the same. I really enjoyed this post, thanks.

Kaycie said...

I liked this post a lot, Coffee. I've noticed a lot of bloggers that I like to read have some sort of journalism or writing in their background.

I miss people, too, if they're absent for a while. People I don't know. I thought I was weird, so I'm glad you admitted it, too!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

pixie: Thank you. I look forward to reading your post.

CJ: You're back! Hope you had a good time, despite the computer woes.

debio: I always find your posts interesting and well-written.

flowerpot: It was all down to the menopause, but life is better now.

swearing mother: And a lot of us started off reading Wife in the North. That woman has a lot to answer for.

kaycie: I suppose it would make sense that a lot of bloggers have a writing/journalism background as it's such a natural thing to do. We are strangers yet we are not.