Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Season's Greetings

In one week I turn 48. My new best friend, the mother of the little boy who lives next door, told my son she couldn't believe that was my age. She thought I was 10 years younger. Well, I am. On the inside.

For Christmas I got a digital camera. So watch out for pictures of Jake once I figure it out. Speaking of Jake, he had a fantastic Christmas. Turkey. Toys. Long walks every day. But on Saturday we noticed he wasn't eating as much. Then he started collapsing in a heap after every walk. Then this morning he didn't want to come out of his puppy crate to say good morning to me. Not like him at all. I did a bit of on-line sleuthing to try to figure out what was wrong. Nothing conclusive. He perked up a bit so we took him on our annual New Year's Day walk. He seemed OK, though he did sit down once or twice briefly. This boy normally never sits down. When we got home, I filled his Kong with some cheese. He ate it. I filled it again. He ate it. I gave him some bread, which he took greedily from my hand. Then I made some mashed potato and put it in his bowl. He didn't touch it. I put it in his Kong. Wouldn't even sniff it. Finally, I put some on a teaspoon. He licked it off. I put some more on. He licked that. But nothing else since. He did seem to come round and was more like Mad Jake for about half an hour. He's back to lying down, though he's complaining because I won't let him go out and dig up the garden again. I think I'll call the vet tomorrow regardless and see if I can get him an appointment.

We were pretty much Billy No-Mates over the Christmas/New Year period, which actually turned out to be a good thing. It meant we didn't catch all the bugs going around. We played games as a family. I fell asleep in front of the TV. Other than food shopping, I have gone to no stores whatsoever. Hubby and I have gone on long walks most days (except days I had to cook) and explored parts of our area we've never been to before. Still, I was a bit peeved at a couple of people who messed up my plans. I am a Capricorn. I don't like my plans to be messed up. Realising that people will always mess up my plans is one of my life lessons to learn, and it's a hard one. I try not to disappoint others, to do what I say I'm going to do, to be reliable and steadfast. Yet I seem to surround myself with others who aren't like that at all. There must be a reason.

Because I've been so remiss as a blogger, I'm going to write two posts today. The second will be more on the boyfriends.


Queeny said...

Happy for you and your Digital Cam. I left mine in a frikkin rental car and it was never returned. I miss my camera very much, those scoundrels.

laurie said...

the little guy might be sick from too much excitement and people food. i'd lay off the cheese and mashed potatoes and turkey, and put him on a diet of boiled ground beef and rice for a few days, and then ease him back into a high-quality kibble.

(by high-quality, i mean a kibble that has no corn or grain--the first ingredient should be MEAT. lamb, chicken, whatever. and rice is ok, but not wheat or corn.)

how's his digestion? is that ok? collapsing on a walk is unusual for a puppy.

i'd be a bit concerned and you're right to call the vet.

jenny said...

I do know what you mean by surrounding yourself with people who do the opposite of what you want in a friend. In college, I was the virgin while all my friends were playing around and getting laid. Then the guys I showed some interest in would get stolen away by my more sexually active friends. Grr! Looking back now, I'm glad they were stolen away because I realize that if they were truly interested in me, they wouldn't have been so easily lured away.

Sorry to hear about your pup, hope he feels better again soon! Happy New year to you!! xo

Kaycie said...

The only thing that ever made Jack sick like that was eating bad people food. By bad, I mean fatty. He is a schnauzer, and their little tummies just can't take it. When we went to the vet, he put Jack on a Rx diet of lamb and rice for a week. Now Jack eats a good, high quality kibble along with some fresh meat on occasion, yogurt, pumpkin and healthy treats I buy at the pet store. He's never had a bit more trouble.

I hope Jake is feeling better soon.