Friday, 5 September 2008

She's Back

We found Pearl yesterday after I'd spent a restless night worrying and made up some missing cat posters. She was in the neighbours' back garden and was bone-dry, so must have holed up somewhere safe and warm. Here's how I described Pearl:

She has a blue collar, bad breath, missing teeth and looks unkempt but is much loved by our family.

As my husband said, I really sold her. My kids laughed hysterically when they read it, particularly the bit about the blue collar because her collar is RED! We took her to the vet yesterday, a nice woman from Cincinnati, Ohio, who also married an Englishman (excuse me, Yorkshireman). Pearl most likely pulled a muscle and is on pain killers and is back to her usual grubby self today.

On to more important matters. I think John McCain's choice of vice president is inspired. And I look forward to President Obama's first term. Honestly, could McCain have been more cynical? And I'm probably going to offend a lot of people here but I think Sarah Palin should be spending more time with her Down's baby and her pregnant 17-year-old daughter. Is it me, or does anyone else think that family has a birth control problem? And do you know who I feel the most sorry for? The 17-year-old daughter and her hapless boyfriend and their unborn child. Not even born yet and that poor child is a political pawn already. It actually sickens me.


Kaycie said...

The problem that I have with politicians who are vehemently pro-life is that I cannot follow their logic. No abortions for pregnancies occurring during rape or incest? Really? What if it was their wife, their daughter, their mother?

I am not going to pass judgement on Sarah Palin or her daughter; I don't know them, their choices or their circumstances. I will say, however, that if my 17 year old daughter were pregnant (God forbid), there would be many, many other items on my list of things to do in front of "further my career".

Annie said...

No way, No how NO MCCAIN! :)

I am disgusted with his pick for VP but I am thoroughly enjoying seeing every Republican squirm as they try to justify his choice - they're not making that great of a job of it either.

She's obnoxious, she presented distortions as fact in her speech, she's trouncing her family out for all to see in one minute and requesting privacy for them in the next - which is it - you can't have it both ways lady?

I hate the sexist backlash there is against her though - it's going to backfire if people don't get the heck off that issue, and onto the real issues like the economy, healthcare, education, and tell us what they're actually going to DO about them!

Can you tell I'm fired up about this? I'm doubly frustrated because I can't vote and yet I will live under whomever the rest of the fine US citizens elect. All I can do is pray, - that they do NOT pick McCain!

Great news about the cat by the way :)

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

kaycie: Hear, hear! My thoughts exactly.

annie: Just because you can't vote doesn't mean you can't campaign. Phone your local Obama headquarters immediately and volunteer to do whatever you can to help. Everyone matters for this election.

Miss Snuffleupagus said...

I couldn't agree more.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Politics - ouch! I can no longer get fired up as I burned myself out years ago - I have a couple of politicians in my family - touchy subject! I find them all odious creatures but know a few who truly have the best interests of the people they represent at their hearts.

Glad the furball came back safe and sound.

Expatmum said...

I love the fact that she boasts about her son in the forces (going to EYE-RAK), brags about how she "chose" to have her Down's Baby, yet the 17 year old child is off-limits.
And given that she was obviously chosen as the token female, there's no way she'd have a say if she ever made it to Veep.

Fire Byrd said...

She is an odd choice how can anyone in this day and age really buy in to creationism. Get her in a room with Al Gore to discuss issues for a bit! As for her pro life stance.... Don't get me started.
Love the way that the other three have strated on the campaign trail and she's been sent back to Alaska to be briefed on foreign policy.... you just gotta laugh!

It has to be said that US politics have never been so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Cats are incredibly clever at looking after themselves. I'm so glad Pearl is back with you, safe and sound.

CJ xx

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Snuffy: It's like watching a film, isn't it?

mob: Unfortunately, all politicians eventually have to sacrifice their scruples and principles at one time or another. Or am I just too cynical? The furball has been very happy to be home.

expatmum: I'm sure there's plenty more dirt to be dug on this woman. I can see McCain having to chuck her and find someone else. Or maybe that was his plan all along?

fire byrd: You're right. This is a great year for politics, in some ways.

CJ: That doesn't stop me worrying. The cats used to have a curfew. I might have to go back to that.

Flowerpot said...

So glad that your lovely cat came home - mine went missing about this time last year when he hurt his paw and was gone for nearly a week. I was beside myself as you can imagine. As for American politics - why is the British news so full of it?