Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Jakey Update II

I realised today I haven't written about Jakey's second surgery. So much has happened all at once that the surgery seems a little less important than the first time round.

Some changes this time. The surgeon wasn't jetting off on holiday so hung around to make sure Jake was cleaned up properly, and he had the cone already assembled and put on Jake. The cone is bigger this time too so there's zero chance of Jake getting at his stitches. He also was prescribed antibiotics from the start as a prophylactic measure. The wound seems cleaner and dryer this time around. Jake is much livelier! When we got him home last Thursday the first thing he wanted to do was go on a walk. I obliged with a quick jaunt down to the end of the block and back, but he would have been happy to go further. We've been building up the walks ever since. He does need to stop four or five times for a quick rest, but I think that's because he wants to go so fast.

His stitches come out Monday, and we'll see if he still needs the cone. I'm not ready to take him to the park or the woods yet, but I'm sure that will happen much more quickly this time. The surgeon was very pleased with how the first operation turned out. He said this hip was even worse, with absolutely no cartilage left whatsoever. Poor baby. You would never have known he was in pain. He's still on painkillers but no longer takes the Synoquin. I think we'll end up with a lot of leftover painkilling medicine so I will ask the vet if there's a charity I can donate the medicine to. This medicine can be so expensive.

I expect that in six weeks' time Jake will be rampaging through the woods or the heather, behaving like the puppy he is. And he's only 10 months old. So he'll be pain-free and still young. Lucky dog!


Vi said...

Ahhh, bless the litle might. At least he's gotten through it all the tough little soldier!

laurie said...

that is such excellent news. i'm so glad for him, and for you.

my one suggestion: if he wants to go fast, is it to avoid putting weight on the newly-mended leg?

after boscoe's surgery, we were told to make him go very very slowly, forcing him to use the mended leg. it keeps things from atrophying and helps it heal quicker.

good job!

Kaycie said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well and Jake is mending nicely.

jenny said...

I hope things will slow down for you and the family. I know how it is to feel like you're in a whirlwind that just won't stop!

SO glad that Jake is doing better this time around. That's such a good idea, donating unused meds. I wonder if that can be done for human meds, too? Better to pass it on than let it go to waste sitting in the cupboard.

Mean Mom said...

Glad to hear that Jake is OK after his surgery. It sounds as if he is doing really well!

Thanks for calling in at my site at the weekend. Sorry that you were a bit late for the virtual party.

rosiero said...

So pleased Jake is doing so well. Is he really only 10 months old? He seems so young to have such major surgery. My dog had an op last week too and is bounding along. I took him for a very long walk today though - round the block - and he seemed a bit tired afterwards. His stitches come out next Thursday. Good luck with Jake's

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

vi: He is a tough guy!

laurie: He's a border collie; he hates being on a leash so pulls terribly. I've seen lots of other border collies who are the same. But yes, he might be trying to avoid putting weight on the leg. On the other hand, he's 10 months old and just wants to GO!

kaycie: He got his stitches out today and managed to not bite the vet in the crotch!

jenny: I asked at the vet's if there was a charity that would take the meds and they said no so I don't know what I'll do with it.

mean mom: I'll just have to try again for the next virtual party. What a great idea, by the way.

rosiero: What was wrong with your dog? Good luck.