Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It's So Quiet

Ah, heaven. The house is empty but for me, Jake, and the two cats. Hubby has gone off for an interview, the third at this particular firm. I have not allowed myself to think he won't be getting the job. He is meeting with Mr. Head Honcho for the first time, having worked his way up from the lower levels. This must be it, right?

Hubby has worked hard to prepare himself for this interview. That is what he does best actually. Work. His enforced stay at home has shown up a few of the weaknesses in our relationship. Or maybe the weaknesses are my own for I have found myself feeling quite critical of what he is not without taking the time to value what he is.

I am not entirely at fault here. He has come back in a somewhat surly mood, as anyone who has been unjustly fired would be. Fired is a strong word. The proper phrase is "made redundant" as his job was effectively eliminated. His former boss, the woman who hired and fired him, keeps phoning and leaving messages. Her problem is she wants all the benefits of being a bitch, but none of the responsibilities. She doesn't like the fact that she might not be popular because of decisions she's made.

So hubby's ego has been bruised, and I haven't exactly worked hard to shore it up again. Still, I do believe in him and what he can do. And if he gets this job, maybe he'll leave me in peace to go on the computer and do whatever I want to do. Like keep up with my blog buddies and write on my own blog once in a while. And no, he still doesn't know about this blog.

A girl's entitled to a secret or two.


Kaycie said...

I have my fingers crossed for hubby's interview. Back in my HR days, I can't remember one person I brought in three times that did not get an offer.

Expatmum said...

I'll echo that - three times is a good sign. He can take some comfort in having been made redundant as opposed to being fired, which as you'll know has so much more meaning in the UK than here.

Vi said...

Well I truly hope he gets this job, so things may start to get a little bit back to normal for you.

ChrisB said...

I do hope the interview goes well for your hubby.

Reading this reminds me why I still encourage my hubby to keep working despite his advanced age! I need my space!!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Everything crossed for hubby!

The trouble with bruised male egos is that no matter how much you try to shore them up, it won't work. At least, not for long. It's just something they have to figure out and get over on their own.

Bollinger Byrd said...

If it's so quiet what have you done with the children? Is your life taking on Hitchcock like activities just to regain your peace, equilibruim and pancetta?

DJ Kirkby said...

Good luck to hubby and by proxy, you! How on Earth have you managed to keep your blog secret?

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

kaycie: Looks like it may go to a fourth interview. A few sticking points apparently.

expatmum: Yes, you're right. Still, the bottom line is he's out of a job.

vi: Me too!

chrisb: Some couples enjoy doing everything together. We're not one of those couples.

aoj: Yes, I think he realises that too.

bb: There's something called school that is my salvation and helps me keep my sanity. I could never be one of those mums who homeschools their kids.

dj: I sneak in and visit my blog when no one is around, which is why I've not visited much lately. Because there is ALWAYS someone around, it seems. Except now.

Kaycie said...

Any news on hubby's job prospect?