Saturday, 7 July 2007

Imperfect Housewife

Has anybody ever watched that program, "Perfect Houswife," that Anthea Turner presents? I had the pleasure of watching it the other night at my friend J.'s house.

First, AT bullied this poor woman with two small children into installing a shoe tree in her perfectly nice landing. So now when anyone walks up the stairs, the first thing they see is a giant shoe tree sprouting shoes like nobody's business. Then she taught her how to fold her towels perfectly and stack them perfectly in the airing cupboard. Meanwhile, this poor woman's children are screaming to be fed, and just screaming. But by God, she's got some nicely folded towels. And let's not forget the shoe tree.

Then AT went to Liverpool where she taught a single dad with hair issues how to cook and clean and look after an 8-year-old and be romantic with his girlfriend. All at the same time, of course.

OK, I'm happy that Anthea now has something to occupy her time other than granting interviews to OK magazine and stealing other women's husbands. But if we all turned off this rubbish, wouldn't we accomplish more in the War on Grime? I don't need the likes of Anthea telling me that I'm an inadequate housekeeper. Or those two other women, the Scottish one and the one with the funny hair and bulging eyes. My husband actually bought me their book. Cheeky sod!!

Luckily, J. and I were on the cider (something I'm acquiring a taste for), so we were in hysterics at Anthea's antics. I just hope there isn't some poor soul out there who takes it all seriously. Life is too short to have a perfect house.


Poetess said...

If I was to display my shoes, it would give too many secrets away.
Thats like airing your dirty washing in public.


Enjoyed your site.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I couldn't agree more. My house is a constant tip and permanently in need of a good clean. AT would have a field day!

Crystal xx

laurie said...

so this a comedy? or a tragedy?

i wouldn't mind Perfect Housewife coming over here and making some changes. while we're not home, of course.

Snuffleupagus said...

I think I need her help actually.

darth sardonic said...

we have a show over here, supernanny, that i have banned my wife from watching. cause that damn woman makes my wife feel like the worst parent ever. she always gets the parents and kids all sorted by the end of hte show too. i wonder how many episodes they have to scrap cause the family tells her to piss off, and how many of the families that get aired all go back to being jacked when she's gone. lol. reality tv is shite.

lady macleod said...

This is why as my civic duty I employ a housekeeper. I mean really it is my bit for the economic well being of whatever country I am in at the time! I think you should watch something with George Clooney and Brad Pitt instead... just a thought.

Pixie said...

Well i can claim to be a bit obsessional putting my clothes away.... but my shoes are hurled into the bottom of my wardrobe in a complete mess. So much more fun when i'm running late in the morning to have to pull the entire contents of the floor of my wardrobe out to find the other sodding shoe.

And as for cleaning,I just don't move anything then no one can tell what a house slut i really am.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Welcome, Poetess. Yes, shoes can be the dirty laundry on the line.

CJ: Your house is a tip because you have a life, which poor AT does not.

Welcome, Laurie. I think the show is inadvertantly a comedy. But the presenter takes herself VERY seriously.

Snuffy, just go buy some more shoes or something. You DO NOT NEED Anthea Turner's help.

Darth, Supernanny started over here and was imported to the USA. Usually, her advice is just plain common sense. Spend time with the kids and let them know who's boss. Only some idiots never seem to figure that out.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Hi Pixie, welcome back. Hope you had a nice break. I'll never forget my horror when at dinner party at my house, someone decided to pull the couch out and around. Oh the filth. Oh my embarrassment. I didn't know I was supposed to clean under things.

Kelly said...

Whilst I may not be the ultimate domestic goddess, I would rather eat my own dirt than let AT anywhere near me. The woman is a smug, sanctimonious ex-Blue Peter presenter, with an irritating voice and little taste in clothes. Admittedly I have less taste, and less money, but that's not the point.

Sorry- touched a nerve there!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Join the club, Kelly. I hate the woman.

Liz said...

Or what if we just ignored the cobwebs and got on with life? Or blogging, whichever comes first.