Tuesday, 8 May 2007

What ails me

The kids are off school with a stomach bug, which I also have but must carry on. I feel so helpless when they get ill with things like this so I consult my Symptoms book. Pain in abdomen: could be gastritis, food poisoning, ulcers, hernia, appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome. Hmmm. I run up three flights of stairs to my son's room, wake him up and make him show me exactly where the pain is. Good, not appendicitis. Run down three flights of stairs, make dry toast, pour ginger ale into glass, walk up three flights of stairs with toast and ginger ale, come down to daughter's room and check stomach pain. Not appendicitis. Run down two flights of stairs, make dry toast, pour ginger ale, etc., run up two flights of stairs. Lie down, exhausted. Visit toilet.

We're not having a good run here. My son and I haven't been very well since Easter. We both caught colds that became painful sinusitis. I kept my son off school for a week, but finally had to send him back and face the chastisement of his teacher, Mrs. Arsehole. It's coming up to SATS week and I didn't want to keep him home today, but I couldn't send him in the way he is. I'll have to face Mrs. Arsehole again tomorrow. Anyway, back to my sinusitis. I imbibed too much alcohol last weekend, and the sinusitis became conjunctivitis and cystitis as well. One week of antibiotics later and I still have the sinusitis plus a lovely buzzing in my ears that reminds me of crickets at dusk back home.

And I haven't been able to train for the 5K Race for Life run I'm doing in less than a month. Which means my friends haven't been able to train since I'm Mrs. Motivator. But perhaps I need the rest. Which I won't get since I'm running up and down three flights of stairs all day tending to my sick children. Hubby went back to London and has escaped the stomach virus. He had the cold too, but it went after three days.

I'll have to go now and do some food shopping, which makes me feel nauseous to think about. But we're out of white bread, which is all the kids will eat right now. I'll try to fit in a cup of tea in between.


jane said...

You are indeed having a terrible time at the moment, but at least when you are in good health you are called Mrs. Motivator, which is a whole lot better than being Mrs. Arsehole. Things can only get better.

Best wishes.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Thank you for that, Jane. I feel guilty moaning about my very small problems but sometimes I have to get it out of my system.

lady macleod said...

Oh you poor dear! It is always so much worse when it is your children who are ill. I don't know about missing your training Sparky, those stairs sound pretty cardio-vascular enchancing to me.

My daughter had Mrs. Arsehole's mother ten or so years back! grrrrr