Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Internet interchange

Just read a very funny piece by D. Parvaz of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ( about Dubya. He is such an idiot. If he weren't President, I would look on him more benignly probably. Like a slightly retarded distant cousin. But he's the most powerful man in the world, and it's scary. Whoever is the next U.S. president will have so much to do to recover even some respect in the world.

I had lunch today with my friends Bob and Kate, two intelligent, well-spoken people. We were discussing the fact that the internet was invented by a Brit. I said I thought it made absolute sense that a Brit would invent the internet. I think the British have always been intrepid travellers, partly because they come from an island-nation and suffer from small-country disease (as do the Dutch). The internet is a form of armchair travelling.

The conversation then led to our thoughts on the days of the British Empire, or more specifically, the women who made the Empire great. The ones who in their crinolines and corsets went to the nether regions of India and China. When I went to India on my honeymoon, I often thought of those women as I, native Floridian, suffered through heat, mosquitoes, and food poisoning. Of course, the U.S. has their own version of tough-as-nails women: pioneers. We women today have no idea of what a hard life really is.

And then I thought I'd confide in Bob and Kate about my secret life as a blogger. How I've discovered other bloggers who make me laugh, think, and cry (Mind the Gap, Lady Macleod, Snickollet, to name a few). I think they thought I was a bit odd or sad or both, but I don't really care. I've found a world out there I would never have known existed, and I didn't even have to leave the house. All thanks to a Brit who invented the internet.


lady macleod said...

Indeed, Huzzah! to all the pioneering women that made the world so that we can enjoy whatever lifestyle we choose. The women who went to jail to secure the vote, the right to control our bodies, the right to own property, et al.

You just stay in the Blog World! We need you, and enjoy your perspective.

DJ Kirkby said...

Well written! Like your blog title. Welcome to blogging... the club for all of us who are legends in our own minds.

Lizzie said...

I wonder how we, in the West, would survive without the infrastructures that cocoon us from the realities that earlier generations had no choice but to cope with?

darth sardonic said...

it's disturbingly scary how braindead dubya is and yet he completely manages to get away with it. he and tom cruise clearly know something i do not.