Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May Day

Today is the first of May and I still haven't managed to plant my potatoes yet or sow any other seeds. I try to grow my own vegetables every year but this year I'm finding it hard to get going. And we've just had the warmest April ever. I think it's because I got rid of the gardener so I'm trying to do everything myself. I've fallen in love with my back garden again and have been going round digging up the invasive plants I don't really want, planting a few others I do, and the poor vegetables are just last on the list right now. I will get round to it soon, once I'm over my sinusitis, cystitis, and conjunctivitis (what a lot of itises).

The headlines in one of the papers today confirmed my feeling that it's hell to be a woman. Apparently, as little as two alcoholic drinks per day can speed up the growth of breast cancer if a woman already has it, and increase the risk of getting it if she doesn't. Life sucks sometimes. We can't take HRT anymore because that increases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer (depending on the type of HRT apparently). We have too much fat and salt in our diets.

So no alcohol, no fat, no salt. No HRT to smooth the rough edges of menopause. Life just isn't worth living!


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