Sunday, 8 February 2009

Let It Snow

Ah, it's snowing again. We get big, fat flakes of it that don't tend to stick. Still, it's far better than rain.

Lots has been happening in my world. We're progressing in our plan to buy a business. It would take me back to my journalism roots in a way, though not completely. So much to learn and to do. It's scary and exciting at the same time. Hard to believe that a year ago was when all the turmoil in my life was starting. I just live in a constant state of it now. And I have the back pain to prove it.

I went away for a spa weekend (or night) the other weekend with the Frenemies. I had such a good time with them for a change. Till the bill came. The hotel mistakenly charged another table's restaurant bill to my room. Would you believe it took an hour to sort out? And the hotel staff were actually kind of snotty about it. Would you believe the Frenemies blamed ME for it because I said to the very flustered desk clerk that we weren't angry at her personally. Not that they said it, but there was a definite atmosphere when I finally got in the car after paying and one of them later told my daughter I had apologised to the clerk. I didn't apologise to anyone. I was so upset and disappointed that my fun weekend had been ruined that I wrote a very outraged letter to the hotel and received the promised of a cheque for the restaurant bill and a free night for two at the hotel. I told the Frenemies about the promised cheque but not the free night. Why should they benefit from my efforts?

Jake has improved so much since we started walking him on the beach. But he brings back half the beach in his fur. I'm constantly sweeping up sand. He no longer seems to have issues with other dogs, which is such a relief. He's growled at us a few times, but no biting. Previously, I would have sternly told him no growling, but since seeing the doggie therapist, I just walk away. I think he growls because he thinks we're going to hurt him, and it only happens in certain circumstances. What is very hard is not hugging and kissing him. He's such an affectionate dog, or is that neediness? The clicker also isn't working too well. It doesn't work at all on the beach because by the time we catch up to him to reward him for having positive encounters with other dogs, he's moved on. And he's not too bothered about getting treats either.

I have plans to write a collection of poems about the stage of life I'm about to enter. The first one will be titled "I Found My Ex-Husband on Facebook." If nothing else, it will be great therapy.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Women can be such bitches can't they? Yeah certainly don't take that bunch of witches along for the free night out - you earned it just having to pu up with them by the sounds of it. Glad your mutt is coming along sounds like great progress already. Good luck with that new business venture - you need a bit of promise in your life. X

Queen Vixen said...

Sounds great Wake up - I know just what you mean about having lovely times ruined by very bad customer service. Its not great, and well done for not giving them anymore of your business.

Fire Byrd said...

Just think of the fun Jake and Trix could have togther.... NOT!

Glad you got a free night to look forward to. Will be even more fun with out the frenemies!

Looking forward to hearing about the business in more detail,when we can orgainise our diaries!!

Mean Mom said...

Heavens, your friends sound even worse than mine! ;0) Enjoy your free weekend. You deserve it!

Your business venture sounds exciting. The very best of luck with it and I'm glad that your dog's behaviour is improving, too.

Daisy said...

I've phased most of the frenemies out of my world,apart from a few diehards who found me on facebook .. so I may have to delete them from my virtual world too. There are too many lovely people out there to give your time to those who aren't on your side x

-Ann said...

I still don't understand why you hang out with the Frenemies, but then I'm a reclusive socialphobe, so what do I know about going out with people?

Glad to hear Jake is improving. I know what you mean about bringing half the beach home. We've been washing Toby's belly after every walk, otherwise, half the dirt in West Cork ends up on our floors.

eurekapaws said...

Don't worry about the clicks and treats on the beach! Jake thinks what he is doing is more fun than getting treats - it's what we in the trade call a self-rewarding activity. And if he's having good encounters with dogs, he's already doing the learning by himself!

Well done you for not telling the Frenemies about the free night! It sounds like you handled the situation much better than they would have done. Click for you! (and that will be self-rewarding, too...)

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

MOB: Thank you. I am looking forward to buying a business.

QV: I think I vented some of my feelings about the Frenemies too. Well, the hotel deserved it.

Fire Byrd: Jake would be fine with Trix on the beach. Don't know how Trix will be with Jake, though. Looking forward to seeing you sometime in March.

Mean Mom: Thank you. The Frenemies, thankfully, aren't my only friends. I think I'd slit my wrists if they were.

Daisy: I've done a bit of editing in the friend department too. The Frenemies are difficult to get rid of, though, because the kids are friends.

-Ann: At the moment, my life is entwined with the Frenemies' because of the kids. When they grow up and move on, I will too.

eurekapaws: Thank you. And I've visited your website too. Very interesting!

lady macleod said...

Great plans, go for it. May I suggest it IS TIME TO DROP THE MORE ENEMY THAN FRIEND? I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me last year in Scotland. Got another table's bill charged to my room but sorted it out in the end. And got 3 free bottles of beer!

CJ xx

Sparx said...

Oop! I found my ex-husband on facebook too... is ok though, he's lovely! Glad you're getting a refund, that sort of thing is unacceptable and snotty desk clerks deserve to get shit thrown at them.