Monday, 16 April 2007

Living and Dying

Just back from London where I would have had a better time if I'd felt better. However, I did manage a day of shopping and a day of culture. On my day of culture, I thought I'd like to see the Exploration of the New World exhibit at the British Museum. Well, that was actually a bit of a disappointment. Also, some poncey Brit was trying to impress his wife by telling her that anorak and kayak have to be spelled that way, otherwise Americans wouldn't know what they meant. Huh???

I wondered into another room that had the theme Living and Dying, showing how different cultures have different rituals to mark the deaths of loved ones. That was far more interesting. Widows in one African tribe will cover themselves with mud and leave it to dry. They wear that for about a year, then wash it off and can marry again.

Carrying on the Living and Dying theme, I made my way to the Shaw Theatre to see Menopause the Musical. I was one of the younger ones there and I think the only one who went by herself. The theatre staff helpfully placed me in the center of a row on my own, just in case there were any doubts that I truly am Betty No-Mates. Still, I enjoyed myself. In fact I was crying with laughter at some points. I needed to see this because I've been quite depressed about my menopausal symptoms over the past six months. I feel that at 47 I'm too young to go through this change. It feels like the death of a part of my life. I started menstruating at the age of 9, which was far too young. But I still felt young up until six months ago. And I've been mourning the death of my reproductive life since then. I don't think I'm completely through the change, but it is starting, no doubt about it.

My husband appreciated having me there so it was worthwhile. He was behaving like such a bastard until we decided not to move. But maybe I wasn't behaving so well either. We haven't spent two weeks in each other's company since Christmas or maybe last summer. And I cleaned his apartment for him. Why do guys always revert to their slobby single habits given half a chance?

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