Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Know Your Friends

To blog or not to blog. To update my wall on Facebook or not to. One can't be too careful these days on the internet. You never know who is watching or reading or reporting back to spouses. Or mothers.

When I joined Facebook, in my sad quest for more friends, I asked my daughter to be my friend. She refused. After months of badgering, she finally relented. Then I made a comment on her wall and she immediately defriended me. Then she refriended me. Then one of her boyfriends sent me a friend request, which I accepted. Bad move.

My daughter accused me, jokingly I hope, of being a pedophile. I never visited her boyfriend's wall. Until one day when the head teacher at my son's school got suspended. I got the bright idea of visiting the friend's wall to see if there was any gossip about it. There wasn't, but there were pictures from my daughter's "Fab 15 Birthday Party," which had been held at me house while I was home.

I knew there was drinking, but couldn't find the bottles. I didn't know that one of the bedrooms was "the makeout room." I didn't plan to tell daughter I'd seen the photos because I knew she'd get angry. Also, I thought they were funny. And I laughed so loud my son came in to see what I was laughing at. He told daughter I'd seen the photos. Daughter got on the phone to boyfriend in tears telling him he had to choose between her or me.

And the next day I had one less friend. But I understand. For my mother is my friend on Facebook. And she queries everything I put on my wall.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am glad to see you are back and writing again. I hope you are well. Isn't Facebook a funny thing? On the surface, it seems like an odd way to socialise but then when you look at all the personal details peopel reveal, it's more than you would know if you socialised in the traditional sense. So how are relations with the daughter now? Has she forgiven you?

Linda - Gold Coast said...

You cannot win can you Wakeup. I hope everything is sorted out now and you are forgiven.

I joined Facebook and lasted just under a week, that was about 1 year ago. As much as I love the internet I am very cautious about giving away too many personal details. I'm pretty sure if I was younger I would lap it up no end. I don't even like my photo's being put on my daughter's Facebook as she has sooooo many friends. You have to remember Wakeup I now fall into the catagory of "grumpy old woman" well I guess I'm not really that old but I'm certainly getting grumpier with age♥

I was going to start my blog in the New Year but now I am not sure whether I really want to do this. To be honest it really does scare me, if I am feeling like this why do it. I guess I feel obliged to start one because it doesn't seem fair when I read a blog the other person should be able to read my blog if you know what I mean. There would be certain family members (on my husband's side) who I would not want to find my blog. It feels like a catch twenty two doesn't it.

DogLover said...

I don't blog, but do I read other people's blogs.

Does that offend any bloggers? I hope not. I ask because I have just read what Linda - Gold Coast says (above).

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Dave: Has daughter forgiven me? I guess so though I don't think I did anything so terrible. It scares me what can go on right under my nose.

Linda: Don't blog because you feel obligated to. I can't say too much here but I will say that unless you make it a private, invitation-only blog, you have no idea who is reading or reporting. By the way, I'm a grumpy old woman too.

Dog Lover: You also don't need to blog. I have always enjoyed your thoughtful and intelligent comments.

Henry the Leaphound said...

Good to see you back Wake Up. Facebook, hmmm, I had a conversation with my boss about this. In my day we went out, partied, did mad bad and sometimes dangerous things and there was no evidence left to show it happened (unless someone ended up in hospital of course) these days with mobile phones, facebook and all the rest the young and reckless just leave a trail of evidence behind them for all to see. The theory I have to this is just not to look, if anyone could have seen photos of my friends and I partying away years ago I'm sure it would have looked just as bad as those proudly posted on cyber 'walls' today.

I use facebook to keep in touch with long lost family and a couple of old friends and thats about it, oh and I did look up every person I could remember from school but got very depressed at how glamorous everyone was.....x

darth sardonic said...

ah the two-edged sword that is facebook. luckily my mom seems to completely ignore anything i post.

ChrisB said...

I'm friends with both my daughters on FB, and with my 16 yr old grandson, but I've been warned not to make controversial comments about language

I even had my nieces daughter ask me to be friends. Now I have to watch what I write! LOL