Tuesday, 22 July 2008

And The Winner Is

Do you see the two new additions on the left? My dear blogmates mean mom and MOB gave them to me. I am so chuffed (British word) to be thought of by these fantastic bloggers. I would like to say to any of you who reads this blog that because you read this blog you deserve one of these awards. Have a look and choose what you want. You deserve it.

We're off on Saturday to that great big country across the pond. As I did in April by myself, we will fly first to Newark, then on to Salt Lake City where we'll spend the night. Then we will get up and drive 5 hours to my mother's in Wyoming. While there we plan to take a side trip to see Mount Rushmore. I've never been to South Dakota so look forward to notching up another state. My mother will be coming with us and is so excited about getting away, even if it's only to South Dakota for three days.

Then we'll fly to Tampa, where we'll hit a few theme parks, see friends and family and GO TO THE BEACH. Supposedly, we're meeting up with friends from here that live less than a mile away yet never see. I hope we see them because we rearranged our holiday for them, which meant paying extra.

I'm looking forward to switching off from the stresses of my life in the UK (though there will be equal stresses in the USA between my mother and stepfather and my sister).

I'll be looking out for more money-saving trends too. I probably won't have a chance to post before then so adios for now.


ChrisB said...

I'm sure you will have a fantastic trip and plenty to tell us when you get back~ have fun :)

softinthehead said...

Bon voyage - see you when you get back with all your news!

Femail doc said...

Beautiful country, South Dakota. We were there in May--be sure to drive the loop through Custer State Park. Fabulous.

Kaycie said...

Have a wonderful trip. Wave at me when you fly over!

DogLover said...

I hope your sister is the soul of charm this time.

Wyoming - ah, Wyoming! I grew up years ago in GB where I still live and read Owen Wister's The Virginian which painted a picture for me of a beautiful State in the mid-19th Century. I always intended visiting Medicine Bow and the places he wrote about. Too late now.

Anyway, I expect it's old charm has long ago been ruined! Tell us about it when you get back, please.

PS The film and TV series called The Virginian were nothing to do with the book, which I recommend to all your readers.

Swearing Mother said...

Have a good trip Wakeup.

Annie said...

I'm only catching up with my blog reading now after being in Ireland for 5 weeks!

Hope you're having fun - and not too much of the stressful stuff.

Sparx said...

Hope you're having fun!

Robin said...

Wow, I think you will see more states in your visit than I have seen in my lifetime. (I need to get out more.) Wave to me as you fly over St. Louis- twice.

DJ Kirkby said...

I hope your hol is going well. Looking forward to reading your posts about it when you get back. xo

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah I missed you. I hope your break went well and that your mother is fairing well.

I read your post about going back to work and the fear around that decision. It struck a chord with me for I have recently just returned to work after 8 years of staying home, writing, cooking and generally just bumming around. I have a part time job working with food. I love it and they want me full time and if I can take my doggies to work then I'll do more hours but my plan is to become a supplier to them when they open their deli and cafe. I'm enjoying an amazing new leaf of life with this job. My husband encouraged me to start experimenting with food and from that I have learned that I love cooking, am a good home cook and want to supply my own line of food through places such as deli's. It's such a departure from IT and Psychology and I love the company that I am working for. It's in the same village that I live in and a new venture start-up. I was so apprehensive about returning to work, especially in something that has been a hobby but now I would be heartbroken if it came to an end. My family can't believe the difference in me as I am fired up and excited about life again.

And having the extra dosh is just so great. I know in your case it will be a life saver but your luck may just change if you have a job, then your husband finds one too.

I hope you find the courage to get out there and have a go. You'll be a different person and if you are active you'll have so much less time to worry. Making new friends is so great too. All the best dear girl - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.